Remembrance of death

Often the Holy Quran severely criticises those who do not believe in the Day of Judgement. At times we find it condemning those who believe in the Day, but are negligent of it. Therefore, traditions emphasise the visitation of graves, so that man may remember death. In our daily prayers, we recite, Arabic ‘Master of … Continue reading Remembrance of death

Abstinence from sins

In a world ridden with vices and allurements, one often comes across people who perform good actions, but do not exercise restraint in their sins. With the result, their sins far outweigh their good deeds. And in some extreme cases, their transgressions nullify all their good actions. And despite all their virtuous deeds, they are … Continue reading Abstinence from sins

Roots of Religion: Prophethood

In the series of lessons related to the ‘Roots of Religion’, we commenced our discussion with ‘Tauheed’ the first and most basic principle of Islam. Therein, we stated that the Allah’s recognition and His worship are the foundations of Islam and the source of belief. We then discussed about the second principle viz. ‘Adl’ – … Continue reading Roots of Religion: Prophethood