Remembrance of death

Often the Holy Quran severely criticises those who do not believe in the Day of Judgement. At times we find it condemning those who believe in the Day, but are negligent of it. Therefore, traditions emphasise the visitation of graves, so that man may remember death. In our daily prayers, we recite, Arabic ‘Master of … Continue reading Remembrance of death

Shi’ite Books of Traditions

As mentioned earlier, books compiled by the close companions of the Imams (a.s), are called as ‘Jawaame-ul-Awwaliyyah’. In the period of Imam’s (a.t.f.s.) occultation, traditions recorded by Shia scholars in their compilations form the primary source of knowledge after the Quran. Amongst these compilations, four books of traditions occupy the highest position as far as … Continue reading Shi’ite Books of Traditions

Prophethood and Imamat

Moulavi Abdul Ghani: I do not understand why you Shias are constantly trying to prove the existence of an Imam? And you stretch this belief to such proportions that you go the extent of claiming that if the Imam is apparently not to be seen, then he must be in occultation. When the divine laws … Continue reading Prophethood and Imamat