The Rituals of Imam Husain’s (peace be on him) mourning and the Religious Authority (Marjaiyyat)

A group of Shias enquired from Grand Ayatullah His Holiness Syed Ali al-Husaini al-Sistani (may Allah grant him a long life) regarding Azaadari (mourning rituals) of Imam Husain (peace be upon him). Their question and the reply of the Grand Marja of our time are mentioned hereunder. We pray to Allah, the Most High, the … Continue reading The Rituals of Imam Husain’s (peace be on him) mourning and the Religious Authority (Marjaiyyat)

Satisfaction and Patience

Series of Prophets (peace be upon them) In this world of land and water, the creation of Allah, who brought along with them the certificate of nobility from their Creator and inhabited this world, are called humans. For their test, guidance and to establish justice, a series of Prophets (peace be upon them) was sent … Continue reading Satisfaction and Patience

Exegesis of Ziyarat-e-Naahiyah

(Continued from Al-Muntazar Muharram 1437 A.H. Issue) “Peace be upon the one who tasted bitter spears raining down over his body in a state of thirst.” Al-Mujarra’ means the one who was made to drink. It is the Nominal Object in Baab Taf’eel. In Arabic, the root word used for drinking is j-r-a’ whereas b-l-a’ … Continue reading Exegesis of Ziyarat-e-Naahiyah

Maqtal by Khwarazmi

Documenting incidents of war is not just recording history or compiling events but depicting an important (Islamic) event, every moment of it, and unraveling its ideological, ethical, political and social nuances. Narrating war stories is a medium and a tool to benefit from the actions of the martyrs, martyrdom itself and to channelise emotions. It … Continue reading Maqtal by Khwarazmi