Question 14

Mention the names, titles and agnomens of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s)? Reply: The real name of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) is “M-H-M-D” which is the same as that of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.). The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) had prophesied, “His name will be my name and his agnomen will be my agnomen.”[1] His agnomen is Abul Qasim. … Continue reading Question 14

Question 13

Who was the mother of Imam e Zamana (a.s.)? Reply: The Mother of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) was a Roman princess Narjis Khatoon. She is introduced in the following narration of Behaarul Anwar, v. 51, Chapter 1, H. No. 12. “Sahl al-Shaybani narrates, ‘Bishr ibn Sulaiman al-Nakhkhaas, a descendant of Abu Ayyub Ansari and a devotee of … Continue reading Question 13

Question 12

Describe the details of the conditions of the birth of Imam-e-Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)? Reply: Hakimah Khatoon, the daughter of Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Javaad (a.s.), and the aunt of Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) narrates the conditions of the birth of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) as follows: Abu Muhammad Imam Hasan Ibn Ali (al-Askari) (a.s.) sent for me and … Continue reading Question 12

Question 11

Why did Imam Mahdi (a.s.) come out in the open, in spite of his many enemies, at the time of the martyrdom of his father? Reply: As has been explained previously that due to the exceptional conditions of that      time, except a very select group none had seen Imam Mahdi (a.s.). These selective meetings continued … Continue reading Question 11

Question 10

What is the proof of the birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)? Whether any one has seen him after his birth? Reply: According to both the Shia as well as Sunni historians, Imam e Zamaana (a.t.f.s.) is already born. This is a well established historical fact. For example, the famous Sunni historian Ali Ibn Masoodi says: … Continue reading Question 10

Question 9

Mention briefly about what has been recorded about the life of Imam Mahdi (a.s.). Reply: Name : M-H-M-D (م ح م د) Famous Titles : Mahdi, Mau’ood, Wali- e-Asr, Sahebuz Zamaan, Qaim, Muntazar, Hujjatullah, Muntaqim, etc. Kuniyyat : Abul Qasim, Abu Abdillah. Names of Parents : Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) and Janab Narjis Khatoon (s.a.w.a.). … Continue reading Question 9

Question 8

What are the similarities between Divine Apostles and Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.)? Reply: The following traditions narrated from the infallible Imams (a.s.) sufficiently answer this question: Imam Zainul Abedin (a.s.) said: “In our Qaim are found the characteristics of the Prophets (s.a.w.a.). They are similar to those of our father Hazrat Adam (a.s.), Hazrat Nuh (a.s.), Hazrat … Continue reading Question 8

Question 7

What is the reason that whenever the name “Qaim (a.s.)” is mentioned all Shias rise in respect? Reply: It is a practice among the Shias that whenever the name “Qaim (a.s.)” is pronounced in their gatherings, all of them stand up in reverence. Though this action is not established as an obligatory one, it is … Continue reading Question 7

Question 6

Discuss the false claimants and pretenders of Mahdaviyyat who have been recorded in history. Reply: The preceding discussions indisputably establish the fact concerning the Islamic belief in Mahdaviyyat and the reappearance from occultation of a divine reformer. History records that while some people have falsely represented themselves as the promised Mahdi, some others have been … Continue reading Question 6

Question 5

Whether the original books of the Ahle Sunnat mention and relate about the matters related to the existence, life and reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)? Reply: It is an accepted fact that the belief of the promised Mahdi is found with the Shias who are the believers in Imamat. Many verses from the Holy Quran … Continue reading Question 5