Chapter 6 – Awaiting the Reappearance

فَجِدُّوْا وَانْتَظِرُوْا ھَنِٔیْئاً لَّکُمْ اَیَّتُھَا الْعَصَابَۃُ الْمَرْحُوْمَۃُ. “Then strive and await. Congratulations to you! O the recipient of Allah’s mercy” The responsibilities of the shias in the period of Major Occultation are quite onerous. We must strive to maintain the radiant glow of our faith in our hearts and be firmly focused on the future. … Continue reading Chapter 6 – Awaiting the Reappearance

Chapter 5 – Longevity

One of the unique characteristics of our belief in Mahadaviyat is that it is accompanied with the belief of long life of the divine saviour. Interestingly, he is more than eleven hundred years old. While when we look around us, we hardly find people living beyond hundred years. Thus, this long life of Imam Mahdi … Continue reading Chapter 5 – Longevity

Chapter 3 – A glance at the future

The belief in Mahdaviyat has provided the shias with a dazzling “mirror”, in which they can visualize the distinct characteristics of their religion. Consequently, Shias have strived incessantly to keep this radiant light illuminated upto eternity. In this mirror, a shia sees the fulfillment of his aspirations concerning the progress of mankind towards prominence and … Continue reading Chapter 3 – A glance at the future

Chapter 2 – The Dawn of Life

Birth In the dawn of 15th Shaban 255 A.H., a brilliant glow appeared on the horizon of the universe. Its luminescence instilled a new life in humanity and nourished the universe with elixir. Despite the evil designs of the enemies, the Promise of Allah actualized in the form of the birth of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s.). … Continue reading Chapter 2 – The Dawn of Life

Chapter 1 – The Chaste Leader

The life of a human being is distinct and different as compared to all other creatures. While all creatures are subservient to the laws of nature and are involuntarily passing through the evolutionary stages of their lives, man on this wide and extensive earth is capable of leading his life according to his will and … Continue reading Chapter 1 – The Chaste Leader


Hope and fear are two forces, which keep man absorbed in his daily life. If he abandons them then he loses focus and has a feeling of worthlessness. On one hand the fear of failure keeps him away from laziness and lethargy, while on the other hand the hope of success and glory motivates him … Continue reading Foreword