Causes of Abundant Wealth

The aforementioned discussions elucidate the fact that Allah the Almighty has distributed sustenance and livelihood amongst His creatures on the basis of prudence and justice. Differences in sustenance and wealth are to examine the creatures. Nevertheless, we can bring changes in this destiny through our actions. Just like our age that has been determined by … Continue reading Causes of Abundant Wealth

Devastations of Abundant Wealth

Who can understand human nature better than Allah? He is our Creator and familiar with each and every nerve and sinew of our existence. He knows our capacity and limitations. He’s aware as to how much sustenance does each one deserve. If Allah the Almighty gives wealth to everybody according to their desires, man will … Continue reading Devastations of Abundant Wealth

Guarantee of Sustenance

Among the prime reasons vis-à-vis our sustenance in today’s times is the thought that everything is in our hands. If our child will not achieve success in this field, he will be deprived of everything. But this is not the case. Allah the Almighty has taken the guarantee to sustain all that He has created … Continue reading Guarantee of Sustenance

Seeking Sustenance

In the holy religion of Islam, being a burden on others is roundly condemned. It recommends that each one must strive to earn to fulfill his expenses with his efforts. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) said, “One who eats through his own striving will pass on the Seraat (the Bridge) like a flash of lightning. … Continue reading Seeking Sustenance

Importance of Farming and Gardening

Today, the profession that has been sidelined and ignored is farming and gardening. The modern-age youths are busy searching their sustenance in jobs and businesses. He considers it as beneath his dignity in being involved in farming and gardening and considers them as a lowly profession. An important reason for such warped thinking is our … Continue reading Importance of Farming and Gardening

Criterion For Respect

Here, it is absolutely essential to indicate that in the religion of Islam, world and its positions and status are not the criteria for respect and honor lest a qualified government officer considers himself as superior to an ordinary clerk or peon. The criteria for respect and superiority in Islam are piety and faith. إِنَّ … Continue reading Criterion For Respect