Necessity of Religion

The Creator of the universe has not created man and animals alike. The greatest distinction enjoyed by the former over the latter is reasoning and intellect. Intellect is that invaluable bounty which Allah has gifted only to the humans. It is through intellect that man can discriminate good from evil, right from wrong and truth … Continue reading Necessity of Religion

The Last Luminary: Imam Mahdi (as)

The present turmoil and disturbances in the world have struck fear in the heart of man. The menacing threat of nuclear wars, the arms race and increasing insecurity have resulted in acute tension and stress. The alarming growth of destructive weapons is a threat to decimate humanity. The corrupt and unscrupulous leaders of the so-called … Continue reading The Last Luminary: Imam Mahdi (as)

Islamic Practical Laws: Taqleed

What is Taqleed? Taqleed means to comply with or subscribe to the edicts of a jurist regarding practical affairs of religion. These practical affairs are collectively referred to as ‘Furu-e-Deen’ or fundamentals of religion. Necessity of Taqleed in Islamic practical laws Taqleed becomes necessary largely due to the average Muslim’s inability to comprehend and derive … Continue reading Islamic Practical Laws: Taqleed

Why this course?

Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) narrates from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) through his forefathers (a.s.), “One who is distant from his Imam and is unable to reach him is more distressed than an orphan who has lost his parents. He does not know his religious obligations and is unaware of his day to day (religious) duties. … Continue reading Why this course?