What does our Imam (a.s.) expect from ‎his Shias?‎

Let’s deliberate on a few things about our Imam (a.s.). But before we discuss as to what our ‎Imam (a.s.) expects from us, let us understand and comprehend the status of our Imam. Who is ‎he and what is his position? What is the magnitude of his lofty position? Though he is staying on ‎the earth, what is his relation with the skies? What are his powers? Here, our discussion will ‎centre on his authority and power in the sphere of religion rather than his powers in the ‎domain of the universe. We shall initiate our discussion on Imam (a.s.) from the general ‎conversations that people have in their daily lives about him (a.s.).‎ Imam Literally, Imam means “leader”. Here, Imams imply the twelve infallible guides (a.s.) who ‎are the protectors of the religion of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) after him. The first among them is ‎Ameerul Momeneen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) and the last is Imam Mahdi (a.s.), who ascended to ‎the seat of Imamate in the year 260 AH after the martyrdom of his venerable father, Imam ‎Hasan Askari (a.s.). Presently, he is the divine guardian of Islam and the master of all affairs. He ‎is the Proof of Allah on the earth. He is the Wali and Caliph appointed by Allah. He is infallible ‎and possessor of authority. He is the living Imam and our leader, who loves his followers. He is ‎the sign and manifestation of the power, perfection and glory of Allah, the Most High. ‎Enumerating his authority is beyond human intellect, imagination and thinking. Our duty is just ‎to ponder over his perfections and glory as narrated by our great scholars and the prophecies ‎of our Imams (a.s.) about him. We must recite the various supplications and salutations that ‎bring us closer to him and this is a path through which his recognition can be acquired. By ‎reciting them regularly, we seek refuge in him (a.s.) from the scorching heat of deviation. We ‎present a salutation for our readers through which we can comprehend the greatness, grace ‎and glory of our Imam (a.s.) and his holy existence which has authority over the entire universe. ‎His existence is the cause of the continuation of the worlds and the axis of order in the universe. ‎The salutation is available in Mafaatihul Jinan and is as follows:‎

Special Greetings pertaining to Imam Zamana ‎‎(a.s.)‎

Allah - The One sans partner - is the Creator of all creatures. His Being is Unique and Needless. He is the ‎One before whom every particle of the universe is subservient and indigent. From eternity, He is Generous ‎upon the world of creation. He showers His bounties upon His creatures, morning and evening. He does not ‎withhold the flood of His bounties. His is the creation, His are the bounties. He is the fountainhead of all ‎endowments. He is the One Who adorns the dawn. He is the Provider of light to the day and the shade in the ‎blistering afternoon heat. He owns everything. Then why is He displeased with His servants? Why does He - ‎the Blessed and Merciful One - repeatedly warn His servants about the refutation of His bounties?‎ There is reason for this. The moot cause is that the Creator bestowed intellect and reasoning upon his ‎creation, the children of Adam (a.s.). Then He sent His apostles, prophets and their successors for the ‎propagation of knowledge and shariah. He thus illuminated the paths of guidance among mankind. ‎Subsequently, He gave them a choice – Be among the thankful ones or be among those who deny the bounties. ‎His anger is directed to the second group, to those who refute His bounties. Hence the tone of the verses ‎reflects Majesty and Dominion. The verse thunders: Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny? ‎ ‎(Surah Rahman)‎

Raj’at (to return)‎

Introduction The belief of Raj’at is one of the hotly debated topics in Islam and religious scholars as well ‎as Quranic commentators have put forth their views and opinions concerning it. They consider ‎Raj’at to be an extension of the “theory of reincarnation” or the “theory of the cycle of human ‎life”. They have pushed the limits of their intellect and have exhausted all their arguments and ‎reasoning in order to justify and explain the belief of ‘Raj’at’. ‎ After being submerged in the whirlpool of views and counter views, the belief in Imam ‎Mahdi (a.s.) has emerged as a universal principle. It has soothed the heart of a distressed world ‎and is proving to be a beacon for the survival of human race. It is proving to be the source of ‎strength for facing insurmountable challenges and for making things possible. The honest and ‎conscientious ones are inching towards this light. ‎

Exegesis of Ziyarat-e-Imam e Zamana ‎‎(a.t.f.s.) recited on Fridays‎

Peace be upon you. May Allah hasten the covenant He has made with you concerning ‎‎(His) help and the establishment of the affairs!‎ ‎(Ziarat of Imam Zamana (a.s.) on Friday)‎ Even though the word “ajjil” over here is used in the past tense, yet its meaning is similar to ‎the word “swalle” which has been used in the preceding sentence in the form of a supplication. ‎ The word “ajjil” is derived from the root “A-j-l”, which means ‘to hasten,’ or ‘to hurry.’ ‎Further, “ajjil” is the first seegah of the past tense in ‘Bab-e-Taf’eel’. Raaghib Isfahani mentions ‎in his book Al-Mufradaat that its meaning is ‘to intend or seek resolutely for a thing before its ‎fixed time.’ ‎

Can we pray to Imam (a.s.) for our needs?‎

Occasionally, there are questions that arise in some minds – “Can one seek our desires ‎directly from the Imam?” or “Isn’t the seeking of one’s needs directly from the Imam ‎tantamount to associating aught with Allah and polytheism?” or “Is it not against the concept of ‎monotheism if we ask for our needs directly from Imam (a.s.)?” Here is a review of these ‎questions and also their appropriate replies.‎ This world - A system of ‘means’ and ‘end’‎ Allah, the Almighty, has fashioned the world in such a way that everything is achieved ‎through some ‘means’ and ‘causes’. None of our needs are fulfilled directly. Thirst is not ‎quenched by itself. It is done through the medium of water. A child does not come into ‎existence by itself. He is born through its parents. This is true for all other things as well. ‎

Awareness And Alertness

A true Shia – who comprehends the reality of his faith, and tries to dispel the worries and ‎difficulties of those around him in the in the light of his belief and faith - will never miss an ‎opportunity to gain proximity to Imam-e-Asr (a.s.). It is impossible to convey the severity of his ‎trials and tribulations in this era. It is as if someone has placed a blistering coal on his palm and ‎has asked him to close his fist. This is also one of the most astonishing prophesies of the Holy ‎Prophet (s.a.w.a.) concerning the last era. As someone rightly said, “Today, Islam is facing an ‎open onslaught from external foes, while internal enemies are attacking and sabotaging it, ‎through apparent and concealed strategies.” Malicious and vile strategies are raising their ‎heads everywhere and inimical agents are working overtime. Things have reached to such a ‎stage that now people have brazenly and shamelessly opened factories and centers of ‎misguidance and deviation. ‎