A Glance at Behaar-ul-Anwaar

Preface Our infallible Imams (a.s.) are the fountainhead of all material, religious and divine knowledge. Their words and deeds are a source of salvation or us. Following and submitting to them is incumbent upon us and acquiring this religious knowledge has been greatly emphasized. If for a moment, we disregard the teachings of the Imams … Continue reading A Glance at Behaar-ul-Anwaar

The Weakened One

Introduction Right from the beginning of creation, mankind has been divided into three groups, which were found in every era and every society. Terminologically, they are referred to as (a)  those who have been undermined and weakened, (b)  those who were arrogant (rich and haughty) and (c)  the laymen. If the arrogant group would not … Continue reading The Weakened One