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Importance of Farming and Gardening

Today, the profession that has been sidelined and ignored is farming and gardening. The modern-age youths are busy searching their sustenance in jobs and businesses. He considers it as beneath his dignity in being involved in farming and gardening and considers them as a lowly profession. An important reason for such warped thinking is our social system, a system where a doctor or an engineer is revered but not a farmer or a gardener. After completing his formal education, instead of running around for employment, if a youth uses modern scientific and technical knowledge in farming, Allah the Almighty will definitely grant him sustenance. One should not think of farming and gardening as demeaning and disrespectful. It is such a highly respected profession that our holy Imams (a.s.) were themselves involved in it.
Imam Ja’far Sadeq (a.s.) states,
“Allah ‘s treasures are in His earth. There is no task that is more loved by Allah than farming. Allah has raised every Prophet as a farmer except Idris, who was a tailor.”
(Wasaael al-Shia, vol. 17, page 41)

In another tradition, the same Imam (a.s.) underlines the significance of farming in the following words,
“Farm. and cultivate! By Allah, there is no task that the people perform that is more permissible and purer than it. By Allah! One should farm and cultivate because these are the works that shall continue even after the emergence of Dajjaal.”
(Behaar al-Anwaar, vol. 103, page 68.)
Amongst the causes of unemployment in the modern day youth, one reason is that they have confined themselves to a few selected fields only and seek jobs only in large metros.
There may be numerous professions akin to farming and cultivation that are waiting for the educated youths to tap their potential. But the lust for fast-money has thrown them in such ‘professions and jobs where they have even lost their mental peace and physical comforts. The lengthy list of desires and wants cannot be fulfilled in an average income.
Moreover, the increasing cost of education by the day forces the parents to borrow money to fulfill the aspirations of their children. Worse, the money borrowed is on interest where the amount keeps mounting each day. In such a situation, everybody wishes that he gets a plum job as soon as he completes his education (i.e. a job where the pay is good regardless of the kind of work that is to be done). All these so that he can repay the loans, buy a house, get married and have a settled and peaceful life. But… .in the present circumstances, it is easier said than done. Thus, we see, that everyday a new issue comes to the fore. The atmosphere at home becomes tense. Various forms of illnesses are contracted. Reliance on Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w.a.) reduces by the day. Gradually, he starts raising objections against belief in Allah, His system and His justice. Ultimately, he becomes dejected and disgusted with everything in life.
Come! Let us see what arc our responsibilities in the search for sustenance? Is everything in our control? Is the straitening of the sustenance or its expansiveness in our volition?