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Islamic Ethics: Major Sins

To sin means to disobey Allah and His Prophet (sawa). It means to disobey Islamic laws and its commandments. The grade of disobedience is in relation to the one who is disobeyed. There is a vast difference between disobeying one’s neighbour and disobeying one’s parents, although in both the cases there is disobedience. Viewed in this perspective, all sins can be categorised as major sins because there is no one greater than Allah and his Prophet (s.a.w.s.) and their dissatisfaction is the highest form of dissatisfaction. It is only with the mercy of Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w.s.) that there is easy forgiveness for the creatures.

Sins have been divided into two categories i.e. Major Sins and Minor Sins. One of the main differences between major and minor sins is that once a Muslim commits a major sin he becomes liable to be chastised. While chastisement for a minor sin is only on its repeated performance.

In this lesson we have outlined the major sins. Allah forbid, if we are committing even of one these sins, then we should abandon it immediately and repent and seek forgiveness from Allah. Also, we should seek protection from committing these sins in future.

  1. Polytheism
  2. To despair from Allah’s mercy
  3. To consider oneself safe from Allah’s punishment
  4. Disobeying parents
  5. Killing a believer
  6. Slandering a blameless person.
  7. Usurping an orphan’s wealth
  8. To flee from the battlefield
  9. Usury
  10. Adultery
  11. Sodomy
  12. Magic
  13. To take false oath on Allah
  14. Not paying zakat which is due
  15. Giving false testimony
  16. Suppressing the truth
  17. Consuming alcohol
  18. Leaving obligatory prayers
  19. Violating the pledge
  20. To sever relations
  21. Migrating to a place where one’s religion is harmed
  22. Theft
  23. Disobeying any command of Allah
  24. Attributing falsehood towards Allah, Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) and Ahlul Bait (a.s.)
  25. Lie
  26. Eating a corpse
  27. Drinking blood
  28. Eating the flesh of swine
  29. Eating unlawful meat (which has not been slaughtered in an Islamic manner)
  30. Gambling
  31. Eating from unlawful wealth
  32. Cheating in weighing and measuring things
  33. Helping the oppressors
  34. To be inclined toward injustice
  35. Not giving the due of others
  36. Pride and arrogance
  37. Extravagance
  38. Considering Hajj lightly
  39. Fighting against the friends of Allah
  40. Being involved in play and fun
  41. Slandering
  42. To facilitate adultery (even if one does not commit it himself or herself)
  43. Backbiting
  44. Accusing a believer falsely
  45. Abusing and disgracing a believer
  46. Considering a sin to be insignificant and repeating it

    (Minhaajus Saaleheen, vol 1, pg 10, 12, 22nd edition)

O Allah, for the sake of Imam-e-Asr (a.t.f.s.), give us the taufeeq to abstain from all major and minor sins.