Al Muntazar - Online Islamic Course, Imam Husain (a.s.) and Imam Mahdi (a.s.)

Islamic Practical Laws: Tayammum


  1. Tayammum should be performed instead of ghusl and wuzu under the following conditions:
    • If it is not possible to procure pure and permissible water.
    • If a person fears that by using water his life will be in danger.
    • If the time left for offering prayers is so short that if he bathes or performs ablution then he would be forced to perform the entire prayer or a part of it after the stipulated time.
    • If a person possesses only enough water to quench his thirst or to wash his dress or body.
    • If it is not permissible for the person to use the water or the container.


  2. Tayammum should be performed on pure earth. Performance of tayammum on sand, lump of clay or stone is in order.
  3. It is better to perform Tayammum in the following sequence:
  4. Intention
  5. Striking both the palms simultaneously on the earth.
  6. Wiping with both the palms, the entire forehead and its sides commencing from the hairline, to the eyebrows up to the nose.
  7. The palm of the left hand should be wiped on the back of the right hand from the wrist down and then the palm of the right hand should be wiped on the back of the left hand.
  8. Then once again strike the hands on the earth and repeat the procedure explained in (d) above.