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Religious Terms: A simple glossary

Hadath-e-Akbar: The acts after which Ghusl or both Ghusl and Wudhu become obligatory for performance of namaz etc. For instance sexual intercourse, haiz, menses, discharge of semen, etc.

Qasr: While travelling beyond the city limits, reduction of four rakat namaz to two rakats. Also, fasting is not obligatory in this condition.

Farsakh Shar’ee: A distance little less than 5 1/2 kms.

Hadd-e-Tarakhkhus: The place from where one is unable to see the walls of the town, or unable to hear the azaan.

Musafat: The distance of journey which becomes the cause of Qasr.

Jabeera: That stick or cloth which is tied on the broken part or a wound on the body.

Kur: A water reservoir (like a tank) whose length, breadth and height is three and half spans each.

Kur Water: The water collected in a Kur place is called as Kur Water.

Rukn: Those actions in namaz, which if omitted, intentionally or otherwise, makes namaz void e.g. ruku’, both sajdahs.

Actions other than Rukn: Those actions in namaz, which if omitted intentionally, makes namaz void. But if forsaken unintentionally, does not make namaz void e.g. tashhahud

Ehtiyaat: When there is more than one viewpoint on whether an act should be performed or not and this multiplicity of opinions leads to hesitation, then to choose that viewpoint in which there is no scope for loss or harm.

Bulugh: The age at which some physical signs appear, making it obligatory for the person to observe laws of Islamic jurisprudence.

Considering the fact that readers of ‘Al-Muntazar’ may be following various ‘Maraajae Taqleed’ we have stated here such religious articles on which all the jurists (Maraaje) are unanimous.