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The Dawn of Justice

“Peace be upon you, O Light of Allah through which the guided ones seek guidance “.

God has made arrangements at all times for the guidance and happiness of mankind through “the light of guidance”.

The bearers of the standard of guidance have guided the straying ones in every period. They dispelled the pitch darkness of ignorance and deviations. But those who loved darkness and in whose veins ignorance flowed, tried their level best to extinguish this light of guidance. On some occasions, the light was extinguished with a poisonous sword while on the other occasions it was blown out through septic drinks. But the creator of the heavens and the earth intends to perfect this light. He lit one lamp after another. One light succeeded another. But the deviation-oriented and ignorance loving man did not relent. He was persistently ungrateful and collided with the light of guidance head-on. Ultimately, God removed the last bead of the series of guidance and training from among the ungrateful and ignorant people and put the veil of occupation on the divine light. The Almighty made it clear that the “occupation” of the “light” is the direct consequence of your ungratefulness. Now the reappearance of the light and the dawn of the sun of justice will take place only if your attitudes change. Ungratefulness to gratefulness, heedlessness and carelessness to complete awareness and preparedness and the habit of sinning and disobedience to obedience and worship a whole-hearted turn about in your approach should occur.

Are we not aggrieved at the occupation of our benevolent Imam (a.s.)?

Is not the occultation of the martyr’s successor, a great calamity for us?

Is not our laziness and carelessness the cause of the dawn of justice’s delay?

Can we not hasten the dawn of justice with our reformation with the progress of the society, with early mom forgiveness-seeking and midnight supplications?


Then let all of us, together and unitedly wait for Yusuf-e-Zehra (a.s.). Let us clear the hurdles of his path with a pure heart, sincere intentions and virtuous deeds. Let our tongues be like Meesam-e-Tammar, decisiveness like Abuzar, intentions like Ammar, certitude like Salmaan, awaiting like Yaqoob (a.s.), patience like Ayyoob (a.s.) and from the depth of our hearts, let us proclaim, ‘Faster, Faster, O Master, O Saheb-az-Zaman.’

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