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Today’s youth and search for sustenance

The moment Allah the Almighty, of His Grace and Blessing, confers the bounty of child on them, parents – especially the educated ones – start making plans for their beloved. To achieve these plans, the child’s education process commences. The most critical juncture in this process arrives when the ward reaches the 12th standard (H.S.C.) because it is here that he has to branch out in the field of specialization. The primary concern for the parents is that the child should be sent to a field where his income levels must be high enough to provide him with a comfortable life. To put it simply, ‘Which field will lead to maximum monetary benefits?’ This point is drilled so hard and so frequently in the child’s mind that he starts believing that the only purpose of education is to make money.
Keeping this objective in consideration, the journey of education begins. The child is admitted into a course where he is expected to enjoy financial security. Admission into a good college and an important course does not, by any means, guarantee success in that held.
It’s clear for all and sundry that all those who manage to get a seat in a prominent branch, do not necessarily go into its second year or semester. With passing of each year or semester, the drop-outs increase as well. Of these, only a few succeed in completing the entire course and of these successful candidates, the top rankers can be counted on fingers. Moreover, amongst these rankers, it is not necessary that everybody gains financial success. For instance, of those who gain admission in the first year of MBBS, not all succeed in passing its final year. There are many who drop out after the very first year itself while some leave in the second. The number of those who succeed in the final year is far less than those admitted in the first year. Also, of these successful candidates, not all have a flourishing professional practice. Only few enjoy a prosperous practice and mint money while others just manage to make ends meet. Often one comes across qualified doctors whose source of income is not their professional qualification. Rather, they earn their bread and butter through some other means. The same applies for all fields of education. Why?